How to rent out your property fast!

Learn the things most potential tenants are looking so that you can save thousands of Ringgit in lost rentals.

Even though every property owner knows that they should rent out their property as fast as possible, a lot of them however do not bother to make potential tenants want to rent their place.

From experience, there are certain things that most potential tenants will look for when they do viewing. If your property has these “things” (cheap rental excluded), potential tenants will most likely make the booking immediately or the very next day. This is especially critical when there are a lot of other units available for rent.

The following are must-have items:


This is the top of the shopping list of most potential tenants. Have this and three quarters of the battle is won. I’ve seen lady tenants immediately decide to rent after seeing the nice kitchen cabinets.

Sadly, I’ve seen owners trying to rent out their new condos by exhibiting their “stand out” aluminum kitchen sink! Who would want to pay e.g. RM1,500 per month or more for a condo with such sink in the kitchen area? – see below

kitchen sink

If you do not have a wet and dry kitchen (most don’t anyway), try to have an exhaust hood that can channel cooking fumes and odour into the exterior as a lot of tenants do heavy cooking.


Security is the number priority for most people. They would expect to have iron grills for the main entrance, windows and balconies. These are also for the safety of their small children so that they cannot climb over the balcony/window railings. I have come across potential tenants asking for balcony/window iron grills even in high condo units.


Potential tenants want privacy (and shielding out sunlight) and do not want the hassle of fixing curtains which are also a cost to them. “Can ask the owner to put up the curtains?” is the usual question they would ask if the property in question does not have it.


A lot of people cannot stand to take cold baths in the mornings. A must have item.


Have at least an air-con in the master bedroom. Ceiling fans in all the rooms are a bonus as some tenants want to save electricity by using fans (instead of the air-con) while others cannot get used to sleeping in air-con rooms.


If you condo unit does not have the above important items, you will lose potential tenants to owners who have them.

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