RPGT (Real Property Gains Tax)

Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) is charged on capital gains derived from the disposal of property. The keyword here is “gains”. In simple terms, RPGT is calculated based on any gains made by the seller which is the difference between the selling price and his original purchase price (plus other incidental costs) of a property. RPGT RATES: Below are the RPGT tier rates: Note: The … Continue reading RPGT (Real Property Gains Tax)

What is CCRIS?

CCRIS stands for Central Credit Reference Information System which is maintained by Bank Negara Malaysia. It requires financial institutions (includes all licensed commercial banks, Islamic banks, investment banks, development banks, insurance companies etc. to submit their customer’s credit information to this centralised system. Financial institutions will access the CCRIS system and look at the borrowers’ overall credit history with any financial institutions. They will use … Continue reading What is CCRIS?

10 things to consider when buying a condo

The following factors should be considered when planning to buy a condo: MAINTENANCE FEES Owners pay the yearly prescribed monthly maintenance fee to cover the expenses incurred in maintaining  the condo. The average rate for maintenance fees in the urban to semi-urban area ranges from RM0.28 to RM0.35 per square feet. Depending on the condo’s build-up area, facilities available and unit density, maintenance fees can … Continue reading 10 things to consider when buying a condo